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I really like the whole idea of teaching these concepts to kids. For me, the ideas ring true and I try to apply them to my own life and teach them to my children. These ideas should be embraced...

Suzanne Tobin PhD
Child Psychologist, US

The stories are good and can be used as a stimulus for PSHE/circle time discussion. The questions (the 'Mikey says...' section) at the end were good to promote discussion and probe thinking...

Miss Minal Rayarela
Leicester, UK Special Needs Teacher

I read the stories they are brilliant, are simple to follow and easy to understand especially for my age group(3-5 years) they will be great to read at circle time, as we discuss feelings and...

Aditi Radia
Senior nursery nurse, London,UK

These books are a fantastic resource to have. The stories are simple and fun and give a clear message. They will be great to use in school, not only in the classroom but for assemblies too. I will...

Reena Chandarana
Primary Teacher, Leicester, UK.

These stories are an original concept and would be of use to parents, teachers and children, as they convey positive ideas in an interesting way...

Simon Smith
Branch Librarian, London, UK

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Fun and engaging Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) and Emotional Health and Well-being at your primary school through stories and exercises

Does your school inspire children? Does it build their resilience and develop their social and emotional skills?


Yours now! Packed with inspirational tips for your classroom
7 Ways To Boost Your Social and Emotional Development at Your School

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Is your school motivational and emotionally literate? Would you like your children to be more confident and think more positively? What if they really went for their goals with a 'can do' attitude and belief in themselves?

You recognise that children's social and emotional development determines their attainment at primary school and beyond. Children's well-being and life chances depend on their self-esteem, self awareness, how positively they think, and how well they use their internal resources.

  • Positive thinking for children
  • Going for goals through positive affirmations
  • Believe 'I Can Do It' and dealing with fears
  • Confidence and Assertiveness
  • Relaxation and beating Anxiety
  • Boost Children's Self Belief
  • Gratitude and Appreciation


Primary Empowerment Programme for Reception to Year 4

You are passionate about your children's growth and development. We understand that you would value having fun and engaging ways of teaching personal development, and value workshops, resources and support from specialists. Kidz4Mation's Primary Empowerment Programme will enhance your children's all-round development while they have fun. The package comprises workshops, colourful story books with positive themes - together with ebook versions for projecting onto whiteboards - and photocopiable activities for each theme.

The Programme includes:

  • A two day programme at your school of assembly and workshops sessions, including coaching on:
    • Walking and talking with confidence
    • Relaxation techniques to improve mindfulness
  • The Resource licence as below

The Primary Empowerment Programme motivate and energise your school, giving staff invaluable developmental techniques to use in class and pupils a fantastic set of skills and techniques to manage their emotions.

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Resource licence

If your teaching team is conversant with positive psychology the resource licence is for you. It will give teachers books and activities to inspire and empower children.

The ebooks are ideal for projecting onto whiteboards in class for discussion or viewing on screen at school or at home by parents, teachers and pupils. The theme of each story may be further explored and embedded using the teachers notes, which will help you deliver effective and stimulating lessons that deliver the message and embed learning. The Mikey Says section is written for children. It captures the essence of the message, gives examples they can relates to, and prompts pupils to reflect on how they could apply the lessons.

The materials are ideal for Reception to Year 4. Through captivating and beautifully illustrated stories, children will learn the importance of positive thinking, how to promote high self-esteem, the power of positive affirmations, gratitude and meditation and relaxation.

Your school can bring these materials to the classroom and extend their availability to children at home as a useful means of parent participation.

Bring K4M tools to your school and bring personal development to life for your pupils!

  • Ready to use - minimal preparation needed - quick and easy!
  • Deliver key life skills using colourful, engaging animal characters
  • Teachers Notes to help make delivery easy and encourage discussion
  • "Mikey Says" notes for children, summarising the theme and lesson and relating to them and their lives

What's In The Kit

  • 3 sets of six picture books on each of the following core themes:
    • Positive Thinking
    • Raising Self-Esteem
    • Positive Affirmations (going for goals)
    • Overcoming Limitations (doing what is difficult)
    • Gratitude and Appreciation
    • Relaxation
  • E-book licence for the series of six books, so staff may project the stories onto a whiteboard in class and explore the lesson and theme
  • Printable accompanying age appropriate activities - Level 1: Reception to Year 2 and Level 2: Years 3 and 4
  • Three sets of 6 inspirational A3 posters to reinforce the positive messages taught by the programme
  • A set of 6 hand puppets so teachers and children can enact the stories and explore scenarios and the emotions they invoke

Resource licence only 249

PLUS Free Classroom exercises - role plays, games, group exercises and craft activities.packed with lesson ideas to make the kit come to life!

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Workshops and whole year/school events

Make personal development unforgettable for your pupils when Mikey and his friends come to school!

  • Whole school sessions and SEAL related assemblies What about running a positive thinking assembly?
  • Sessions by class for a more personal experience of positive development, sessions can be run on a class by class basis, for all 6 core themes or individual themes
  • Workshops for socially and emotionally challenged children Our instructors have helped empower children with a range of circumstances. Programmes typically last for a term or half a term and run after school. Group sizes of up to 12 children

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Tailored programmes to suit your needs

Would you like something different to the above? Click on the button below, or call us, tell us about your requirements and we will let you know if we can help.

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