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I really like the whole idea of teaching these concepts to kids. For me, the ideas ring true and I try to apply them to my own life and teach them to my children. These ideas should be embraced...

Suzanne Tobin PhD
Child Psychologist, US

The stories are good and can be used as a stimulus for PSHE/circle time discussion. The questions (the 'Mikey says...' section) at the end were good to promote discussion and probe thinking...

Miss Minal Rayarela
Leicester, UK Special Needs Teacher

I read the stories they are brilliant, are simple to follow and easy to understand especially for my age group(3-5 years) they will be great to read at circle time, as we discuss feelings and...

Aditi Radia
Senior nursery nurse, London,UK

These books are a fantastic resource to have. The stories are simple and fun and give a clear message. They will be great to use in school, not only in the classroom but for assemblies too. I will...

Reena Chandarana
Primary Teacher, Leicester, UK.

These stories are an original concept and would be of use to parents, teachers and children, as they convey positive ideas in an interesting way...

Simon Smith
Branch Librarian, London, UK

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Shyness and fear of speaking

Shy child

Is your child shy?
Do they find it difficult to make new friends?
Is it difficult for them to speak in front of others?
Take our coaches' expertise for FREE

If you said yes to any of the above questions, you will be yearning for your child to be more assertive. Your son or daughter might not say a word in a group, or dread speaking at assembly. Maybe they avoid eye contact, looking at their feet when they meet people, especially new people.

In a child's formative years, building their self-confidence developing their communication skills is critical. It will totally shape their future life.


Shyness and fear of speaking pack for children

Fun activities to boost your child's confidence PLUS positive parenting tips

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Our coaches have helped hundreds of children come out and communicate more confidently. Their workshops and resources have transformed children.

One eight year old girl entered a workshop clinging to her mother's arm. Just two hours later, she stood before the audience and proudly shared a positive statement about herself as she received her certificate from Mikey the monkey.

Kidz4Mation has helped children become more assertive and to communicate more confidently.

We would love to send you a FREE Shyness and fear of speaking pack for children and parents, which includes fun activities for your child and positive parenting support for you. Get your copy now! Simply drop your name and email into the box and we will send it straight to you with our compliments

PS. Don't miss this important pack. Take a small step now that could start to bring out your child's confidence. We would love to be able to change their life as we have hundreds of others. Don't do nothing. Inspire your child by getting your kit today.

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