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I really like the whole idea of teaching these concepts to kids. For me, the ideas ring true and I try to apply them to my own life and teach them to my children. These ideas should be embraced...

Suzanne Tobin PhD
Child Psychologist, US

The stories are good and can be used as a stimulus for PSHE/circle time discussion. The questions (the 'Mikey says...' section) at the end were good to promote discussion and probe thinking...

Miss Minal Rayarela
Leicester, UK Special Needs Teacher

I read the stories they are brilliant, are simple to follow and easy to understand especially for my age group(3-5 years) they will be great to read at circle time, as we discuss feelings and...

Aditi Radia
Senior nursery nurse, London,UK

These books are a fantastic resource to have. The stories are simple and fun and give a clear message. They will be great to use in school, not only in the classroom but for assemblies too. I will...

Reena Chandarana
Primary Teacher, Leicester, UK.

These stories are an original concept and would be of use to parents, teachers and children, as they convey positive ideas in an interesting way...

Simon Smith
Branch Librarian, London, UK

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About Us

The Kidz4Mation way

  • Teaching children life transforming skills through stories, activities and fun
  • Children learn best when they are safe, engaged, stimulated, entertained, challenged and respected
  • A 2 degree shift for a child can lead to quantum leaps for them as they go through life - at school, as a member of the family, in their social life and their life chances as an adult

The Kidz4Mation story

The founders of Kidz4Mation were determined to make a difference to society, and felt the best, most powerful and most enduring way of doing this was to help nurture children's life skills. The two couples believed passionately that more needed to be done to nurture children's life skills and emotional skills. They believe social and emotional skills are crucial to children's success at school. Intellect needs to be supported by a winning attitude and mindset - both to get the grades but certainly to gain the development that will be a child's foundation for life.

So they set out on a mission to change the lives of millions of children in a way that children would enjoy. For the initial target group, 5 to 9 year olds, it was felt stories featuring animal characters, written activities and exhilarating, interactive workshops would work best. And so it proved. Parents want their children to be more confident and be well-rounded. Schools, councils and governments recognise that education needs should be about much more than traditional subjects.

The team is successfully realising its vision, both by its own work and that with a growing number of partner organisations, charities and other bodies who share this vision.

Kidz4Mation's goals

  • To change the lives of millions of children worldwide by boosting their life skills and emotional skills
  • To contribute to better parenting by providing parents with the information, guidance, products and services to apply positive parenting with their children, so parents can truly become their child's coach.
  • To work with schools and local education authorities to improve the effectiveness and enjoyment by children of social and emotional development in schools, especially at primary level.
  • To collaborate with governments and other national and international agencies to promote social and emotional learning for children as a powerful stimulus for social change

Meet the team

Santa Simothy

Hitul Thobhani

I am an author of children books and I have co-authored six children books during the past years. I have a real passion to work with children and make a positive difference in their lives. As such it is very fulfilling for me to be part of the Kidz4Mation team.

Most embarrassing childhood memory: I was on my way to school and I was in deep conversation with my friends. So much so that I didn't see a big hole on the pavement and I fell into it. Luckily I didn't get hurt, but imagine my embarrassment.....

When I'm not working: When I'm not supporting my favourite football team, I enjoy spending time with my husband & friends. I regularly play badminton, which I enjoy a lot. I also love reading and long walks.

Favourite quote: 'You are what you think'

Top parenting tip: Never permit yourself to do anything that you are not willing to see your children do.

Amal Simothy

Hitul Thobhani

With so much negativity surrounding the world, I am excited to be part of a brilliant Kidz4Mation team as a co-founder to help children. I feel good to share a common vision to passionately work towards making a little positive impact in children lives that can have a lasting impact in shaping their adulthood.

Most embarrassing childhood memory: My sister pulled my chair from behind while I was taking a seat at a birthday party. You can imagine what happened next...!!!

When I'm not working: I love exercising/jogging, reading books, enjoy long walk in nature parks, love playing with kids and inspire young people to action.

Favourite quote: 'Live life passionately with continuous improvements as a student of possibility'

Top parenting tip: When your children are little, give them time, help, guidance and protection to the best of your ability but when they get older, then give them space - space to be human being besides human doing.

Hitul Thobhani

Hitul Thobhani

"I feel delighted and inspired to be answering my calling in life. We formed Kidz4Mation because the team passionately felt children needed confidence and emotional skills in a way that was light and fun. It has been wonderful to work with so many children and help change their lives. It is inspiring to think that our books and other products are helping children succeed all over the world."

Most embarrassing childhood memory: "When I was 6 I decided my goldfish Tango wasn't being fed nearly enough by my uncles and gave him a month's feed in one go. The outcome wasn't good."

When I'm not working: "I love spending time with my daughters, outside when the British weather allows! Trying to jog and do other things in the morning, so let's see if I can keep that up."

Favourite quote: "Happiness is finding your true calling in life and pursuing it with all your heart"

Top parenting tip: "To help your child do well at school and in later life, give them lots of stimulating learning at home at the pre-school age - its proven to have a huge effect on their achievement and well-being"

Seema Thobhani


I am grateful to be blessed patience, which I believe is much needed to raise a child and to work with children. Skilfully balancing the roles of a mother of two young daughters Nikita 6 and Simran 4 and as a Director of Kidz4Mation has been a rewarding challenge. Having joined hands with the most amazing team to form Kidz4Mation, my vision is to change the lives of millions of children worldwide by giving them the best basis for a fulfilled successful life.

Lasting Childhood memory: I was 8 years old and back in India. One cold winter night, my parents took me to do charity work first hand. Poor families were shivering in the cold on the streets. My dad told me to put the blankets we had brought around these people, which I did. They burst out in tears of JOY and gratitude, and I shed tears of gratefulness towards my parents for giving me this experience. This experience left a lasting memory in my heart! I've shared this story with my daughters as a lesson in gratitude.

When I am not working: I love to do art and crafts with my daughters. I've recently started playing badminton with my hubby which I used to enjoy a lot in the past. I am a very musical person. You would always find me singing or humming if I am not working (sometimes even during my work...hehehe). Cooking is another passion of mine. I love trying out new dishes on my hubby and brother (my favourite guinea pigs).

Favourite Quote: 'I want to be remembered as someone who helped others to succeed. Some may forget, so I must continue....'

Top parenting tip: Beautifully put by Jesse Jackson, and I couldn't agree more: "Your children need your presence more than your presents."

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