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Boost Confidence in Children with unique workshops, books and home study. Raise confidence in children with Mikey the Monkey

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I really like the whole idea of teaching these concepts to kids. For me, the ideas ring true and I try to apply them to my own life and teach them to my children. These ideas should be embraced...

Suzanne Tobin PhD
Child Psychologist, US

The stories are good and can be used as a stimulus for PSHE/circle time discussion. The questions (the 'Mikey says...' section) at the end were good to promote discussion and probe thinking...

Miss Minal Rayarela
Leicester, UK Special Needs Teacher

I read the stories they are brilliant, are simple to follow and easy to understand especially for my age group(3-5 years) they will be great to read at circle time, as we discuss feelings and...

Aditi Radia
Senior nursery nurse, London,UK

These books are a fantastic resource to have. The stories are simple and fun and give a clear message. They will be great to use in school, not only in the classroom but for assemblies too. I will...

Reena Chandarana
Primary Teacher, Leicester, UK.

These stories are an original concept and would be of use to parents, teachers and children, as they convey positive ideas in an interesting way...

Simon Smith
Branch Librarian, London, UK

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Raise confidence in children with these books

Changing children's lives by teaching them skills and techniques so they can thrive at school

Kidz4Mation raises confidence in children to improve their behaviour and attainment at school. We believe healthy self esteem in children is essential for their success and happiness.

A child's most wonderful and carefree years can be ruined by bullying, lack of confidence, negativity and self doubt. During primary school, children should be growing in confidence, becoming more independent and building strong friendships.

Anger, shyness, anxiety and fear of speaking in public can blight a child's life, holding them back at school and stalling their development as a person.

Kidz4Mation helps children aged 5 to 9 get the best start in life in a fun way. We are experts in boosting children's confidence by teaching them skills and techniques to prevent the problems that can harm their well-being. If you are a teacher, parent or council officer, get the free information now that will help you solve the problem of making children more confident, think positively, believe in themselves and achieve their goals.

FREE monthly expert tips from our coaches

Primary school teachers. Implement the Primary Empowerment Programme, a revolutionary way of building social and emotional skills at Key Stage 1 and 2. It includes workshops at your school and teaching resources to help your school become more motivational and empowering and take your SEAL programme to another level. An excellent strategy for strengthening the home-school partnership and improving your parenting support provision. Applicable to whole year and selected intervention.

Council officers in Children and Families. If you are responsible for children's well-being, our programmes can develop the social and emotional skills of all children, including those from challenged backgrounds. The positive techniques and approaches practised by our instructors teach children life transforming skills in a fun way. If you are responsible for Healthy Schools, Primary SEAL, parenting, extended schools, children in care, CAMHS, educational psychology or behaviour support our programmes and resources can help you develop children's emotional skills in a way they will love. Read more...

Parents If you are concerned that your child's confidence could be better, we can help in a way that suits you. From home study to positive picture books to workshops, you can give your child the best start in life in a way that suits you and them. Our coaches have changed the lives of hundreds of children. They have put all their expertise into programmes and resources to help your child to develop in a way that you would like, but haven't had the support or opportunity to be able to give them yet. Read more...

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